Prombiotech provides engineering services at the final stages of R&D when a laboratory-scale technique is developed at the experimental level.

Before a technology is ready for transfer to the manufacturing facility as an established production line or a lot of goods, the stage of development and all associated processes should be completed.
Prombiotech provides services on implementing the critical phase which enables to scale up a manufacturing technology and to launch large-scale production: from the preparation of necessary documentation and regulations to the production of prototypes and small-batch manufacturing systems.

Организация промышленных испытаний инновационных биопрепаратов для агросектора

Научно-исследовательские, опытно-конструкторские и технологические работы

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Инженерно-консультационные услуги

Инженерно-исследовательские услуги по разработке технологических процессов

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Расчетно-аналитические услуги

Расчетно-аналитические услуги для предприятий АПК и пищевой промышленности

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Научно-исследовательские услуги

Инженерно-консультационные услуги по созданию промышленных объектов

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Additional services

The Engineering Center Prombiotech offers a package of additional services to support customers throughout the process of technology adjustment and introduction: from the development of business plans and market surveys to the proposals on production facility upgrade programs and the provision of other services:

Educational/Training Services

The Altai State University is known for high level of professional competencies in training and advanced training of specialists in such disciplines as biology, chemistry and biotechnology and thus can serve as a platform for satisfying the requirements in highly skilled experts. Its capabilities allow handling tasks associated with operations of the Engineering Center as well as the facilities and organizations implementing activity in the area of production and processing of agricultural processes based on the advanced biotech methods.
Ministry of Industry and Trade  </br> of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Education and Science </br> of the Russian Federation
Government </br> of Altai region
Altai State </br> University
Centre “Bioengineering” </br> Russian Academy of Sciences
Altbiotech Company </br> biological products for the agriculture
“Abercade” Research company
Rosagrobioprom Company
Agroferment Company